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We fund four programs to aid disabled folks:

  • When I had my stroke, everything was upside down and I couldn't think straight. But there was this guy in Spaulding Rehab Hospital (SRH) with armloads of 2-foot teddy bears, and I let him know I wanted one! We're now the guy with the teddy bears, with Amy's Gifts of Hope!
  • We've sponsored 2-year's of the Tufts Assistive Technology Hack. (AT aids folks with disabilities to do things they can't do on their own.) We're growing to more colleges and more clients with Intercollegiate Assistive Technology Hackathons.
  • We're sponsoring Driver Rehab Grants for stroke survivors (for $500) to be matched by $500 of Central Mass Safety Council. The feeling of returning to driving is unmatched, yet the expense is not covered by insurance!
  • When the words are bottled up inside you, yet you can't make a sound (following brain injury or stroke), you've likely got aphasia. Spaulding Rehab Hospital and MGH's Institute of Health Professions offer an intensive 5-week program to aid people with aphasia. The Phillips Family Comprehensive Aphasia Program Grants give $1,500 to a person enrolled in this program (one-half of the cost of attending).